500 MB 

1000 MB

1500 MB






Client manager training and project management 

1/2 hour

1 hour

3 hours

5 hours 

Data room export 

24/7 email and phone support 

Secure messaging

ISO 27001:2013 and SOC 2 certified  

Nordic data centers 

SMS, push and e-mail notifications 

Portal languages;  

Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, British English, Finnish, Dutch, French, and German 

Upload or drag and drop multiple folders   

Two-factor authentication 

Questions & Answers 


* The content is only unlimited in the preparation phase. Please note that the price will vary according to uploaded content when buyers/counterparties are invited, and due diligence is activated. 

** You may not invite buyers/ counterparties during the preparation phase. When buyers are invited, due diligence is automatically activated. 

For a full overview of usage prices, please see our pricing page.



Can I change my subscription after I have purchased?

You can change your subscription to another edition at any time. In order to do this, please contact your Client Manager or our support. 

What are the available payment options?  

Depending on your subscription plan, we will send you a monthly or yearly invoice by email.  

Can I select my subscription period?  

Yes, you can select between monthly and annual payments.  

Can I get an archive of my data room after the transactions are completed?  

Of course. All plans include an export of the data room. This means that you can export the structure and all documentation from your portal.  You can either do this yourself within the portal or have your client manager to assist you with the export.  

Is it possible to get help to get started?  

Yes, we are here to help! All plans include a dedicated client manager that can assist you with for example training, help and folder structure upload. A client manager will reach out to all new customers to help.  

Is my data secure?  

Security is paramount for Admincontrol. We are ISO 27001:2013 and SOC 2 certified and our data center is located in the Nordics. You can read more about data protection and security here.  

Can I convert my Preparation portal to a regular data room plan?  

Of course. A Preparation Portal is a great way to prepare for a future due diligence. In order to convert to a data room, simply add buyer to your portal. We will then reach out to you to help you select the right plan for you.  

What happens to my data room when the subscription is canceled?  

Due to GDPR regulations, we will delete all portals within 30 days after the subscription has expired.  


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